Neal Fraser

For over two decades, Fraser has been a quintessential California chef, having worked alongside top talents such as Wolfgang Puck, Joachim Splichal and Hans Rockenwagner. On his own, he's been just as impressive, having a nice stretch with GRACE before experiencing success at his current spot, bld. He also became the first California chef to win the culinary competition after a battle with Iron Chef Cat Cora on Food Network's widely popular series 'Iron Chef America' in (2006). Here's where he likes to go:

Stone Barns - Tarrytown, NY - "I cried in the middle of my dinner. # 1 on my list. I think Dan Barber has hit it out of the park. The onion roasted in the embers overnight till it tastes like a campfire and an onion made love."

The Publican - Chicago, IL - "Oysters, beef and pork all done right by a team that really cares. Paul Kahan is the best of the best of making things taste amazing."

Osteria Vetri - Philadelphia, PA - "Why? Beet Plein, Chicken Liver Rigatoni, Spit Roasted Suckling Pig. Marc Vetri and Jeff Michaud are doing rustic Italian the way I wish I could."

Walker's Drive-In - Jackson, MS - "Derek Emerson is doing amazing food, with amazing product, in a Southern way with a delicate touch. A real treat to see this place doing the food they are doing where they are doing it."

Spice Table - Los Angeles, CA - "Grilled Pig Tail is one of the best bites I have put in my mouth in a long time. The way Brian Ng uses spice, fat, vinegar and salt is done in a deft way that only some can accomplish. He does it with ease. The lamb belly skewer is to die for as well."