Marc Vetri

If you're ever wandering around Philadelphia, hungry, and only cheesesteaks come to the brain, you might want to reconsider. That's because James Beard winner and 2013 "Outstanding Chef" nominee, Marc Vetri, has a portfolio of Italian restaurants that have become synonymous with great food in Philly.

Love pizza? There's his acclaimed Tuscan-inspired osteria called Osteria. He's also the Vetri behind Vetri, his namesake Italian restaurant many foodies consider the best Italian restaurant in America. In that vein, the eaterie itself has garnered a 2013 James Beard semifinalist nomination for "Outstanding Service".

Here are Marc's five favorite restaurants:

The Publican - Chicago, IL - "It's just one of the most exciting restaurants around. They are always taking things to the limit, but in a beautiful, respectful way."

Frasca Food & Wine - Boulder, CO - "I would fly to Boulder before I fly to Italy for a meal. Bobby and Lachlan have created their own little Italy in the mountains, and they bring it with a passion. All the trips, the winery, the passion ... it's all paid off and then some."

Per Se - New York, NY - "This is just a plain fact. When it comes to service, elegance, creativity, indulgence and sheer bliss, there is no better dining experience in America than Per Se."

Joe Beef - Montreal, Canada - "I don't care if this article is about my favorite U.S. restaurants. It's an hour flight to Montreal from Philly. That's closer than most cities in the states. So, as far as I'm concerned, they are in the club. And as far as anyone else is concerned, for the most creative, interesting, thoughtful meals backed up by impeccable technique, there is nothing like Joe Beef."

Providence - Los Angeles, CA - "If you want the most pristine fish prepared in the most delectable preparations, then this place is a must. I was simply blown away by my last meal there, and I'm counting the days until I go back."