Kelly Liken

Kelly Liken shows such devotion to health food and vegetables that two months after First Lady Michelle Obama visited her restaurant in Vail, Colorado, she was invited to the White House. Not too shabby for this former star of 'Top Chef' and 'Iron Chef America'. Liken took a few minutes to tell us what restaurants she's liken' most these days:

Hot and Hot Fish Club - Birmingham, AL - "Reminded us of the way I cook: farm fresh food from the county side, always changing. Really light, delicate food. Loved the way the kitchen was set up, open ... like a ring-side seat."

Eleven Madison Park - New York, NY - "The structure of the menu is amazing -- the pinnacle of decadent dining. Every detail is thought of there. Before you even think of something, it's there for you. They have two whole different processes for coffee!"

Blackberry Farm - Walland, TN - "The setting is so incredible, the food is outstanding. It is just a special and magical place. The getaway to top all getaways."

Moe's Original Bar B Que - Vail, CO - "Best 'bama bbq in the Rockies. I've been eating Moe's for a long time. It's consistently delicious. There are a few standard side dishes and a good number of rotating side dishes. I always look for the broccoli casserole, it's my favorite. They've opened a few more around Colorado and Louisiana."

Prince's Hot Chicken Shack - Nashville, TN - "Left me speechless. Rick tried to order the Medium ... the woman at the counter would not allow it. She said he could only have the Mild ... "trust me". We're glad she did. Fried chicken served with Wonder Bread slices. Who could not immediately fall in love."