Beau MacMillan

When he's not appearing on NBC's 'Today Show' or winning the "Battle American Kobe Beef" against Bobby Flay as he did on Food Network's 'Iron Chef America' in 2006, chef Beau MacMillan (aka "BeauMac") spends time as Executive Chef at elements restaurant at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale, Ariz. Here's what he cooked up for his "fave five" eateries:

Diavola Pizzeria & Salumeria - Geyserville, CA - "Quintessential roadside restaurant! I was invited to cook in Napa and one of my greatest mentor chefs wanted to meet half-way. We found this great wine country cafe in the middle of this small town. It was rich in decor and the menu was small, but unique, and they had a great wine list. It was a true hidden gem."

Girl & the Goat - Chicago, IL - "Not only for the visual stimulation and the amazing flavor, but for her creative approach with unique ingredients and the balance she found with them. Stephanie Izard is a super talent and the Girl and the Goat is top notch."

Krescendo - Brooklyn, NY - "We all have our own interpretation of what pizza does to us emotionally, but to still have an Aha! moment with a dish that you are so familiar with, know so well, has been imbedded in American cuisine and have had since childhood ... is so impressive."

True Food Kitchen - Scottsdale, AZ - "Sam Fox has truly created a restaurant that you can dine at and feel better leaving than when you went in. The food is clean, nourishing and fresh -- but most importantly, delicious."

Dashi - Sun Valley, ID - "The restaurant is small and has a sleek design to it. Service is impeccable. The chef there has a very gifted palate. He produces quality cuisine with balance and implements just enough unique ingredients to keep the menu approachable while delivering unexpected WOW's."