All Hail the Kale Caesar, Kale Cocktails and More
Seems like just yesterday that arugula was the leafy king of lettuce land. Not so anymore as kale consumption has gone from full-on fad to flourishing menu item -- thanks to health trends and tasty twists on this cabbage family member.

Why? Possibly because it has more antioxidants than spinach (serving a huge blow to Popeye's ego). Also because it's packed with more nutrients than a GNC store -- possessing an excellent source of vitamins A, C, K and sulphur-containing phytonutrients.

Thanks to chef ingenuity, the "remixers" of the food world are helping kale branch out. Nowadays, it's being creamed, braised and even mixed as cocktail fodder. Witness Napa Valley Grille's Jolly Green Machine, which contains kale juice, lemonade and Farmer's organic gin amongst other ingreedies.

Also, the Caesar, which used to be exclusively in cahoots with the Romaine family ... is now dabbling in kale. Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar in Downtown Los Angeles may have one of the best; their Roots & Kale "Caesar" is a superb starter that should go entree.

Then, of course, there's your basic excellent kale salad, such as the one Lexington Brass in New York City serves up. This one comes with accoutrements such as pine nuts and roasted pepper vinaigrette. Rumor has it Jessica Simpson and Wanda Sykes are big fans. Huge.
Napa Valley Grille's Jolly Green Machine