Popular Microbreweries, From Coast to Coast

Stone Brewing Co - Escondido, CA
Brew to Try: Arrogant Bastard Ale, an American Strong Ale not exactly for the faint-hearted. The hops will knock your socks off.
Rogue Ales Brewery - Newport, OR
Brew to Try: Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout, a stunning, well-balanced stout. Malty and smoky, with velvety chocolate undertones.
Wynkoop Brewing Company - Denver, CO
Brew to Try: Rail Yard Ale -- their flagship brew -- has the sweetness of an Oktoberfest brew balanced with ale fruitiness.
Harpoon Brewery - Boston, MA
Brew to Try: Only one? They're all so good. But one to try is from their UFO line -- the UFO Hefeweizen -- an unfiltered, characteristically cloudy hefe, with a clean, citrusy, mildly spicy finish. And if you can go for another, try the Harpoon IPA.
Mendocino Brewery - Ukiah, CA
Brew to Try: Red Tail Ale -- another flagship brew -- and from a true pioneer of the craft beer resurgence. Red Tail Ale is an amber beer with a clean, crisp yet delicate hoppiness at the finish.
Anchor Brewing Co. - San Francisco, CA
Brew to Try: Anchor Steam Beer -- Perhaps one of the oldest handcrafted American beers, this classic is amber in color with a nice balance between sweet malts and caramel, and tart apple with a hint of citrus.
Brewery Ommegang - Cooperstown, NY
Brew to Try: Hennipin Farmhouse Saison -- Cooperstown. Home of beer and baseball. Only the beer here is Belgian-style. Hennipin starts with the tartness of a lemon, giving way to a spicy, bready flavor with a clean finish. Full-bodied without being heavy.
Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats - Rehoboth Beach, DE
Brew to Try: 60- , 90- or 120-minute IPA -- Once you get past the crazy name and matching artwork, the DFH IPA series is stellar -- especially the 90-and 120-minute varieties -- a hophead's dream, classically but pleasantly bitter with a nice malt balance.
Magic Hat Brewing Co. - Burlington, VT
Brew to Try: #9 -- Billed as a mild, "not quite pale ale," Magic Hat #9 is a classic English Pale Ale rather than the "hit you over the head with hops" American Pale Ale... not that there's anything wrong with that. Some of the magic in this brew comes from subtle hints of apricot. The presence of hops gives it a clean, dry finish.