Jillian Michaels' Five Favorite Romantic Restaurants for Valentine's Day:

When you're the top trainer on America's #1 weight loss show (The Biggest Loser), food and diet ... well, they come up. And really, there's no greater reward for a good workout than a great meal. So this is where America's most recognizable fitness guru goes with her plus one when it comes to replenishing those calorie coffers... in style:
Church Key - Los Angeles, CA - "This spot has it all. It's swanky, sexy, intimate, hip. The food is fabulous without all the obnoxious L.A. attitude. Everyone from the managers to the servers are top notch and accommodating. You will adore this place as much as I do -- provided there is an available table."
Beauty & Essex - New York, NY - "I need a lot out of my culinary experiences. I want creativity with the food and the decor as well as a sharp and professional staff. This place has it all. Tucked behind a thrift shop in the lower east side of my favorite city in the world is where you'll find this gem. GO! You won't be sorry."
Foreign Cinema - San Francisco, CA - "This restaurant is hidden in the Mission District of this famous bay city. Get a table in the heated courtyard and enjoy the fabulous food while watching film classics projected on the side of a building. The vibe is fun, funky, affordable and the food is fantastic."
Juvia - Miami, FL - "Located on Miami's iconic Lincoln Road, this rooftop restaurant offers incredible views of Miami Beach, attentive service, and a diverse eclectic menu. Be sure to get a dirty martini with the bleu cheese olives -- heaven!"
o ya - Boston, MA - "This super intimate neo-Japanese inn located in a rehabbed firehouse near Boston's Chinatown and South Station rail hub is only rivaled by Nobu himself when it comes to incredible sushi. The chefs are friendly, explosively creative, and the food is amazing."
Jillian Michaels
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