G. Garvin's Five Favorite Restaurants in Atlanta:

The One Sushi - Atlanta, GA - "One of my fave spots right now is The One Sushi in Brookhaven. It crept up on me. I love the environment, very friendly. It's Brookhaven at its finest. It's family-driven, but you can still have a cocktail... This guy George is really doing it right. Some really creative rolls like the Sex and the City... the sashimi's super fresh. It's just a really, really nice family, he and his wife."
King + Duke - Atlanta, GA - "Recently visited them, they're new on my list. Like the environment, really great staff. Food is sort of eclectic, but it's not so far out that I can't understand it or explain it to my friends. It's really well thought out. And love the patio. That was cool."
Kyma - Atlanta, GA - "Kyma is the old dog in the fight. It's got the best octopus I think in the country. The meatballs, the tuna tartare, the tuna tataki... the general manager is just one of those guys who recognizes the face, with or without the TV, and always knows the table I want. Really great wine list. When it comes to the attention to detail with the staff, those guys are right on."
Local Three - Atlanta, GA - "I like that sort of walk through the kitchen, serve yourself, you can sort of see what those guys are doing in the kitchen. Great atmosphere, lots of energy, a cool little space. I grew up on that side of town so I know the area. I used to actually ride my bike there when it was just a wooded area, a green BMX."
Atlanta Fish Market - Atlanta, GA - "In terms of what we like as a family... there's just something really special about the Atlanta Fish Market. It's not one of the newer, trendier restaurants. The tuna carpaccio is the some of the best I've had. My fiancee always gets the blackened snapper. I always try something different, but they have this take on a Greek salad that is all diced up. It's got some seafood in it, really well done."

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