Sprinkles Cupcake ATM
Beverly Hills, CA
Price: $4 per cupcake
Cash: No
Credit Cards: Yes
Cupcake Stash: 600 cupcakes per machine

Sprinkles Menu - Find Your Bliss
See How It Works - Cupcake ATM Video

24-Hour Pastry People
You know you've made it when you can command your own vending machine. Like Coca Cola and candy bars, foods like french fries and pizza are now just a button away. Now the unstoppable cupcake trend has rolling-pinned its way to instant status. Los Angeles sweetery Sprinkles opened the first 24-hour cupcake ATM in 2012, dispensing instant sugar fixes to winding lines of sugar-parched fiends in Beverly Hills. On average the 90210 treat-spot dispenses 1,000 cupcakes a day.

Dallas is the next city slated for instant-cupcake status, followed by Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Now that Greek yogurt bars are the new cupcake, will that get its own vending machine? Stay tuned.

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