Here's a problem you've never had. It's 11pm and you're at home hosting a dinner party for people with only the most finicky of palates. You open up your caviar case and whammo, you're "s" out of luck. What to do?

Well, now you can race over to one of the new caviar ATMs at Westfield Century City, Westfield Topanga or the Burbank Town Center (open 'til 2am) and nab some Imperial Osetra Caviar if your stash is disgracefully wiped clean.

Thanks to Beverly Hills Caviar, a luxury purveyor of the finest in fish eggs, a caviar fix is never too far away. (If you're in L.A. that is.) Following up the ridiculous success that Sprinkles Beverly Hills had with their cupcake ATM, Beverly Hills Caviar has sent a seriously automated selection of caviar into some of the city's top retail outlets.

Appealing to everyone from the seven-figure set to the most refined riffraff, this magical machine pops out all kinds of regal treats -- from gift items such as the 4" Mother of Pearl Spoon ($5) to Imperial River Beluga Caviar ($500 for 1 oz.). All it takes is a credit card and a swipe.

So this year, celebrate Black Friday with some black caviar. Deck the halls with Black Truffle Salt. Or just take a picture of it and post it to your Facebook feed noting briefly, "WTF".

Whatever you choose, you'll be sure to turn up a few eyebrows and possibly even a pinky or two.
The Caviar ATM From Beverly Hills Caviar