Charging Bread for Bread (and Even Tap Water, Gulp)

Used to be that you could go into a restaurant and expect to find at least three free things: bread, water and bathrooms. Well, bathrooms are still free (last we checked), but the first two aren't depending on where you look. Seems like restaurants such as Local's Corner and Outerlands in San Francisco are finally catching on that filling people up on bread for free works against delivering big fat checks. The good news is that when they do charge, the bread is usually really good -- artisinal, freshly baked and generally much tastier than your average dinner roll.

Another somewhat perturbing trend is that certain restaurants across the U.S., such as the quite tasty Son of a Gun in Los Angeles, now include minor surcharges for tap water. That's right, tap water. It's merely pennies, but it does go to show that there's no such thing as a free lunch (anymore).

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