Q & A With Eva Longoria, Actress & Owner of SHe By Morton's:

Is SHe the first steakhouse ever for women?
Eva: SHe was actually created for both men and women to come and experience a more elegant, exclusive and intimate approach to fine dining. I've always found steakhouses to be overly masculine, so I wanted to create a new, modern take on the steakhouse so that women can enjoy it just as much as men!
Where's your influence most visible at SHe? Design? Menu? Female-friendliness?
Eva: Well, we felt that there was a void in the steakhouse market and I wanted to go beyond the traditional steakhouse fare and offer a new, modern approach to the leather booths and cigar filled rooms with a more intimate boutique 'seen-and-be-seen' style atmosphere. I knew that pairing with the Morton's brand would be different, classic and appealing to both men and women. So ... we commissioned award-winning interior designer Charles Doell, known throughout the industry as "Mister Important," to create his updated interpretation of the gilded age combined with our modern version of Art Deco to create a feeling of empowerment -- especially for our female guests. So it's got the best of both worlds.
Did any of your personal recipes make it onto the SHe menu? If so, which?
Eva: We worked closely with the amazing Chef Todd Mark Miller, who created his version of a female-friendly menu served with three different portion sizes -- "SHe Cuts," which is our smaller portions, "He Cuts," the more traditional portion size and our "WE Cuts" for those looking to share and enjoy their meals family style.
I love that you've figured out the key to great ambiance -- contortionists, a catwalk and the occasional stilt walker. Any other surprises coming?
Eva: You never know ... especially in Vegas!
I read that there are mirrors on the back of dessert menus for reapplying lipstick. True story? Inspiration?
Eva: True story. Women love the lipstick thing! They love these dessert menus, the service, the fashion shows -- they love that when you walk in, it immediately feels sexy.
Why is SHe ideally suited for the Vegas crowd?
Eva: It's exclusive, intimate and sexy, and a perfect place to go with girlfriends, or during a romantic weekend away. Anyone, man or woman, who enjoys fine dining, a great atmosphere, and amazing service will love SHe.
What restaurants have served as the biggest inspirations for your own restaurant ventures?
Eva: For SHe specifically, I really wanted to reinvent the traditional steakhouse. I'm immersed in the women's community, and I would hear a lot of "Ugh, I don't want to go to a steakhouse," which is what inspired me most to come up with a more modern dining experience for both sexes to enjoy.
What does being a celebrity allow you to accomplish that maybe other restaurateurs can't?
Eva: As an entertainer, I've been blessed with the ability to raise awareness about my projects, especially to my amazing fan base.
What's your greatest piece of advice to future restaurant owners?
Eva: Have a clear, well-thought-out business plan to guarantee success.
Is there one recipe you can bestow to us from SHe's menu that's perfect for summer?
Eva: We have a great selection perfect [that's] for summer, including the Pan Roasted Jumbo Shrimp (with tomato pappardelle and lemon garlic butter), and a delicious Spiced Ahi Tuna (with shitake mushrooms, bok choy and lobster broth).
Eva Longoria
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