Ethan Stowell's Five Favorite Restaurants in Seattle:

Shiro's - Seattle, WA - "Shiro Kashiba is the best chef working in Seattle, period. Get there early so you can get a counter seat and do the omakase. It will blow your mind."
Ba Bar - Seattle, WA - "Great casual Vietnamese from chefs Eric and Sophie Banh of Monsoon fame that has awesome pho and congee. The cocktails are pretty great too."
Canlis - Seattle, WA - "This is the classic Seattle fine dining restaurant. Jason Franey is also one of my best friends and he's an awesome cook. Oh, and the view is spectacular."
Cafe Campagne - Seattle, WA - "Cassoulet, cassoulet, cassoulet! It's the best one in town and it's better than any cassoulet I've had in France."
Serious Pie - Seattle, WA - "It's my favorite of Tom Douglas' restaurants. All his spots are great, but Serious Pie is super delicious and a very simple concept that delivers every time."

Ethan Stowell When Ethan Stowell is not running restaurants (or getting nominated for James Beard awards), he secretly wishes he was playing for the Seattle Mariners. You can follow him on Twitter @ESRseattle.

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