Duff Goldman

When it comes to dessert, Duff Goldman always leaves room. After all, when you're the host of a show called 'Ace of Cakes' (which did 10 seasons on Food Network), you can chalk it up to "research."

As the owner of Charm City Cakes, Charm City Cakes West and Cakemix, a new one-stop shop in Los Angeles where people can decorate their own cakes, Duff Goldman has overseen some of the finest ever created. Namely, ones modeled after 'Star Wars' characters, a replica of the Stanley Cup, a Hogwarts Castle for Warner Brothers' premiere of 'Harry Potter,' and many more.

So...here are five desserts that keep the undisputed 'Ace of Cakes' aching for seconds:
"Cereal Milk Soft Serve" at Momofuku Milk Bar - New York, NY - "I chose the Cereal Milk Soft Serve because a) It's freaking delicious... b) Christina Tosi is doing very real innovation in our field, not just showy gimmicks, and c) I love the throwback aspect of the flavor."
"The Kitchen Sink" at Woodberry Kitchen - Baltimore, MD - "I love the Kitchen Sink because it's inventive, delicious, and Spike Gjerde is one of my favorite chefs ever. He's a pastry chef who is now a chef who cooks like a pastry chef. I'm not saying pastry chefs cook better than savory chefs, but..."
"Art's Hummingbird Cake" at Table Fifty-Two - Chicago, IL - "There are very few cakes I like as much as my own, but Chef Art Smith makes a hummingbird that is, I'd say, ALMOST as good as mine."
"Blackberry Cobbler" at The Salt Lick - Driftwood, TX - "I chose the Blackberry Cobbler at The Salt Lick not only because it is delicious, but because if you're eating some, that means that you just ate a whole meal of BBQ at The Salt Lick...and (hopefully) you are in Austin because your band just played like three amazing shows at SXSW."
"Strawberry Buttermilk Fonut" at Fonuts - Los Angeles, CA - "I can eat at least two dozen of these Fonuts in a sitting. Seriously. No, really. I'm not kidding. Send me some. Now."

Strawberry Buttermilk Fonut Got a perpetual sweet tooth? Follow Duff Goldman on Twitter @Duff_Goldman.

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