"Angry" Two-Pound Live Maine Lobster at WP24 Restaurant and Lounge

The Dish: "Angry" Two-Pound Live Maine Lobster

The Story: Fish dishes play a large role in festival celebrations in part because the word fish "Yu" sounds similar to the words for both wish and abundance. Also because fish is a symbol of prosperity. This decadent "angry" fish dish is part of the regular menu at Wolfgang Puck's WP24 Restaurant and Lounge and comes served with spicy Szechuan chilies, fried garlic, scallions and black bean "dust."

WP24 will also be doing an eight-course "Year of the Snake" tasting menu (for $160) from February 10-24, 2013, specifically for the Chinese New Year. Highlights include the Lobster Hot & Sour Soup, a Whole Roasted Peking Duck and an exotic Coconut Bavarian pudding with Jasmine rice sorbet. Confucius says ... thank you.

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