6. Lamill Coffee Boutique, Los Angeles

Compared to the other coffee shops on the list, Lamill isn't going to have the comfy, cozy vibe you'd expect to find in a coffee shop. But there's a reason why it's called a "boutique" and not house or shop -- Lamill translates the coffeehouse cup of joe into a chic, modern take. Consider Lamill the white-tablecloth restaurant of coffee shops, says owner Craig Min: "Most beverage places today have instant, industrial ways of making their drinks and use mass-produced syrups and powders," he says. "... We're sourcing the highest-quality, fresh ingredients to make the syrups, extracts, and consommes that go into our beverages." How is Lamill changing the game? Allowing customers to pick their "extraction" (Clover, Chemex, Eva Solo, French press, hand-drip iced coffee, Japanese hand-drip, or siphon brew) and their coffee bean, or from a long list of espresso drinks. Lamill brings a new level of sophistication and polish to your cup of coffee (and tea, too).

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