3. Barista, Portland, Ore.

After seeing Portlandia's "barista manifesto" sketch, it's easy to assume that coffee shops in Portland, Ore., are well, out there. But a look at just one of the coffee shops in Portland shows that there's substance behind the title of America's coffee capital. What Barista does particularly well is showcase the best roasters of the Northwest in a "multi-roaster" model with a rotating list of roasts that range from hyper-local roasters (like Seattle's Kuma) to Stumptown. It's just part of Billy Wilson's, barista champion and owner of Barista's three locations, perspective on coffee culture as a whole. It's much bigger than just one shop or one roaster -- "I see this new coffee movement as something that goes straight back to farms and villages in the Third World," he said to the Willamette Week. "It can literally change the lives of whole families. So I want to do it well."

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