11. Commonplace Coffee Co. House and Roasters, Pittsburgh

Commonplace Coffee Roasters is about as homegrown as you can get -- the couple behind Pittsburgh's burgeoning coffee scene, Julie and TJ Fairchild, began with the original coffeehouse and roastery in 2003 in Indiana, Penn. Since then, the coffee company has grown to include four shops and two roasteries in Indiana, Penn., and Pittsburgh. With such rapid growth, you'd think it'd be easy to let the success (and maybe caffeine) get to their heads. Not so: "At every step of growth for The Commonplace, it has always centered around people," wrote TJ Fairchild in a blog post. "The growth has always been organic and natural; never premeditated and forced." The Fairchilds and Commonplace are actively trying to change Pittsburgh's perception of coffee from, well, something commonplace to something extraordinary.

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