Will Leitch's Five Favorite Major League Ballparks:

5. Dodgers Stadium - Los Angeles, CA - "I love that so many baseball stadiums have been built in the last two decades that Dodger Stadium, in Los Angeles, a city where everything has to be new all the time, has become a beloved old pearl. Traffic is always a major pain, but every time I'm here, I think of Bob Hope, and 'L.A. Confidential', and Los Angeles as this perfect place with a future of limitless potential, the place everyone wanted to be, the place that, within this confined space, it is."
4. PNC Park - Pittsburgh, PA - "The one stadium you haven't been to that you must visit. Pretty much the perfect modern city ballpark. Pittsburgh as a city has had tons of problems, but when you're in this stadium, it seems like the prettiest place in the country. I have no idea how they did it."
3. AT&T Park - San Francisco, CA - "The perfect match of architecture and natural beauty: The only thing keeping it from being higher on this list is that it's not that old. But it might be the most purely pleasurable place to watch a game. Though with all the views, it can be tough to always keep your eye on the game."
2. Fenway Park - Boston, MA - "The seats are uncomfortable, the fans are often jerks (though I've only been told this; I've never had an issue here) and it's crazy expensive. It still feels special when you're at Fenway. It feels like baseball in its purest form, like you're really just watching guys play it in a lot somewhere."
1. Wrigley Field - Chicago, IL - "Yeah, still the best. I don't know what changes they're going to make to this place, but right now, as a fan, it's perfect. There are times I think they should play the World Series at Wrigley Field, every year. Lord knows the Cubs aren't using it then."

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