The Price Is Right

If you know your retail and the thought of running toward the stage to "Come on down!" completes you, then you need tickets to 'The Price Is Right,' stat. Fans have been yelling out advice to contestants playing Plinko and spinning that big wheel since 1956. Count your pennies right (without going over, of course -- 'Price Is Right' rules) and you might land a spot a the Showcase Showdown, where everyone dreams of hearing the words, "a new car!"

Location: CBS Studios - Los Angeles, CA

Taping Times: 12:20 and 4:10PM.

Tickets: Call 1-855-44-PRICE (1-855-447-7423) for free tickets, or print them out. Tickets are first-come, first-served, and are given out in excess of studio capacity, so there are no guarantees. Seats are only guaranteed for groups of 15-20 people if booked in advance. Call the Group Booking Department at (818) 880-8200 for more info.

Processing: Arrive at 8:30AM the day of taping for the 12:20PM show, and at 12PM for the 4:10PM show. Processing involves showing two forms of ID and going over general rules for contestant eligibility. Contestants are selected by production staff based on a brief interview prior to entering the studio.

Special Rules: As of Nov. 12, 2007, anyone who has not been a contestant on the show in the last 10 years is eligible to be chosen. You must never have been on any other game show, local, syndicated or network, within the past year. Never have been on more than two other game shows in the past 10 years. Not be affiliated with anybody employed by CBS Corporation, including any parent, subsidiary or entity affiliated with the CBS Corporation. See complete list of rules.

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