Late Show With David Letterman

If you're in New York City, treat yourself to another long-standing TV tradition and take in an evening of goofy, dry Letterman wit. In addition to the nightly 'Top 10' lists and occasional "stupid human tricks," you'll also get to see Dave banter with movie stars, musicians and other VIPs.

Location: 1697 Broadway - NY, NY

Tickets: Fill out the Online Ticket Form via the 'Late Show' website. Or request tickets at the theater with an In-Person Request. You can request tickets up to one month in advance of the taping date. The more date options you give, the better your chances of receiving tickets. Confirmation is given by phone.

Standby: Call (212) 247-6497 starting at 11AM on the day of the taping you wish to attend. Check in to the theater an hour before the taping. You will only be admitted once all regularly ticketed guests are accommodated.

Special Rules: Ticket requests are limited to once per six-month period. More rules.

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