Best Picture: 'Argo'

Why It Deserves the Oscar: "It was a great viewing experience and had a captivating storyline. Very well cast and such a bold, original plot. Hard to believe it's based on a true story."

-- Sam Crandall, Owner
Crandall's Plumbing (pictured lower)

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"I chose this because it seemed the most relatable to the general public. Having gone through traumatic events in my own personal life, I was genuinely touched emotionally by the storyline. It placed a definitive line for what we humans see as bizarre behavior in others, however don't envision in ourselves. Bradley Cooper's best line was, "You're crazy!" -- Nicholas Iarocci, Source Development Inc., on 'Silver Linings Playbook'

"'Argo'... I have to go by what my wife likes!" -- Les Goldstein, Plumber I Am

"It's a tossup between 'Django' and 'Lincoln.' Both had historical references, truth, good drama and great writing." -- David Johnson, Barnette Plumbing & Heating, on 'Argo'

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