Our World

For kids over age 3, Our World puts the great big earth into perspective with three sections: Map Zone, My Town and World Cultures. Kids get to play world traveler at the "Pack Your Bag" exhibit, plucking their luggage from the airport conveyor belt, checking arrivals and departures, and seeing how and why people travel all over the globe.

My Town shows children how humans are connected to everything and everyone on a small scale in their own neighborhoods. See how stuff gets from A to B at the freight dock/shipping yard; how commerce works at the store, government at the town hall, and how to handle emergencies at the fire station. The pizza shop is for socializing and civic discourse with the aid of programming cards to encourage conversation.

In the World Cultures area, kids get a glimpse of how everyday concepts like home and shelter differ across the planet. Examples include food, kitchen appliances, clothing, arts and crafts, and transportation. You can even "ride" a tuk-tuk to different locales.