Ferguson Jenkin's Five Favorite Places to Catch a Game

Wrigley Field - Chicago, IL - "I consider Wrigley Field my home stadium. I played there for most of my career so it was my home for a very long time. It was always important to me that I pitched well there in front of the home crowd and that I did my best in front of the Chicago fans. I still enjoy watching games there because it still feels like home to me."
Yankee Stadium - New York, NY - "Yankees Stadium has always been a special place to watch baseball. It represents the heart of the history of baseball with greats like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio playing there. There was nothing like watching those guys in pinstripe uniforms. There is so much history in that stadium and you can sense it every time you're there."
Dodgers Stadium - Los Angeles, CA - "Chavez Ravine is another stadium that has a lot of history behind it. It reminds me of when the team was moved to California. When I think of Chavez Ravine and the Dodgers I think of Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers. There is so much important history with that team and that stadium in the game."
Connie Mack Stadium - Philadelphia, PA - "This stadium is one that also has a personal sentiment to me. It's the stadium where I got my first Major League win against the Cardinals in 1965. I was a rookie and winning your first game, there's nothing like it."
The Astrodome - Houston, TX - "Astrodome Stadium was the first domed stadium. It was the kind of stadium where you would go and you would learn how to pitch well and to win games. It was a great stadium to play and watch at."

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Ferguson Jenkins
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