A Private Plane, the Lakers Girls and...Penny Marshall

11:30AM: My father and I arrive at a private terminal at LAX, pinching ourselves, ready to start Lakers-palooza 2012. Purple and yellow balloons adorn the airspace inside the charter waiting area...as do the Laker Girls, who are there to schmooze Lakers season ticket holders and generally spread hotness.

11:40AM: Laker Girl Jacquelyn interviews my dad about his lifetime love and how wealthy he'd actually be had he not owned tickets for 32 years (not really). He plays to the camera as if he's on CNN. He'll be lucky to make Lakers TV.

11:50AM: The Lakers lay out a lunch spread from Jersey Mike's as we wait to take off. I figure this is okay now that the New Jersey Nets have moved to Brooklyn. Subs. Chips. Cookies, and did I mention the Laker Girls?

12:30PM: My father and I strike up a few great conversations with other longtime Lakers loyalists -- including the man who was the team's first opthamologist... in 1960.

1:30PM: Everyone files onto the plane ready for Vegas -- including actress and director Penny Marshall, a perennial Lakers fan who also moonlights at Clippers games. Welcome aboard, Penny. Maybe we can talk some sense into you.