1990 Olds Custom Cruiser Wagon

Asking Price: $2,695

In 1990, Oldsmobile was still selling the old-school, boxy B-Body wagons and hadn't yet switched over to the "whale body" cars that would be coming in a year. In 1990, this wagon stickered out at $27,000, about what you would've spent on a Suburban that year. With a super-tall axle ratio and a 307, these wagons are painfully slow, but if you can live with that, they're about the most utilitarian vehicle this side of an F-150. The turbine aluminum 5x5-lug-spaced wheels on this one are rare, only available on this car and its Buick Electra counterpart. The Olds hubcaps are super-rare, and probably worth a few hundred bucks alone to an Olds collector.

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