261 Miles-Per-Gallon? Seriously?

Ever seen "a 1-liter car"? Probably not, because until now they haven't existed. Introducing the Volkswagen XL1, which just made its long-awaited debut -- as a production car -- at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Volkswagen is touting the XL1 as "the most fuel-efficient production car in the world" -- given that it gets 261 miles-per-gallon thanks to its plug-in hybrid system and impressive fuel consumption figures of 0.9 liters per 100 kilometers. That'll get you from New York to Boston on one gallon of gas.

Crazy efficient.

Besides being able to cover a distance of up to 31 miles in all-electric mode with zero local emissions, the Volkswagen XL1 is also the world's "most aerodynamic production car ever" according to VW. Given its high-tech lightweight design and carbon-fiber body, it just so happens to weigh in at a feathery 1,750 pounds. That is, not counting whatever lucky occupants get to ride in this dexterous two-seater.

No one's quite sure yet how many of the XL1 will be made, but that number is rumored to be around 250 given it will employ what Volkswagen calls "handcrafting-like production methods." One thing is known for sure: the first 50 have already been pre-ordered by hardcore VW fans in Germany. So, if you want a car that could put your Prius to shame (for a prettier penny), consider inquiring at your local Volkswagen dealer. And fast.

On-Sale Date: 2014 model year
Price: The $100,000 range
Fuel Economy: 261 mpg

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