Chrome-Plated Cars

Let's face it -- we live in an era of self-obsession highlighted by a person's number of You Tube hits and Facebook friends. But what about practicality? After all, it can be quite cumbersome to tote around a full-length mirror wherever you go. Hence, cars covered in chrome paint or chrome vinyl wrap, let you catch a glimpse of that Krispy Kreme crumb before it becomes a punchline at your morning meeting.

Companies such as West Coast Customs and Specialty Car Craft in Los Angeles can make your car shine in this regard. (Average chrome wraps range from $20K-$25K; custom chrome paint around $50K). And chrome just looks cool, really -- as evidenced by the Kia POP and Ford Shelby concept cars shown top and lower left respectively. It's not cheap by any means (hence why people like Justin Bieber drive chrome-plated cars), but given the era of customization, it could happen. Only issue: if the sun hits it just wrong, you might just look like a fireball traveling down the highway. Minor issue.

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