Rarely do fashion designers dream of designing for bodies that aren't attached to supermodels. But after a blessing from the smart Design Division at Mercedes-Benz Advanced Car Studios, American fashion designer Jeremy Scott got to do just that.

The result of which is one of the true "wow" moments at this year's L.A. Auto Show. Located on the floor of L.A. Convention Center's South Hall, the Winged Showcar known as "smart forjeremy" is hard to miss. The design stands out for many reasons. Not only because the flaming wings shooting out its rear ignite a series of double takes. But due to the fact that this one's actually going into production as a limited edition for 2013 (albeit with smaller wings).

If the smart forjeremy looks like something Lady Gaga would arrive to an award's show in, it's no coincidence. Scott has created unique costumes for the pop diva in addition to Madonna, Katy Perry and Rihanna. In fact, if anything, this car is tame compared to something Gaga might drape across her person. (Witness #meatdress)

Amongst other features, it has the following:

• Wheel rims inspired by airplane propellers
• Curved "eyebrows" above the front headlights
• A rather regal white interior with chrome accents and lap of luxury perfection

Beyond the rather angelic design, what's under the hood might feel familiar if you've ever owned in the smart family. That's because the smart forjeremy is based on the current production version of the smart fortwo electric drive. A 55 kW motor; 0-60 mph in 11.5 seconds; and a maximum speed of 78 mph. A speed, by the way, that will not be aided by the pseudo flames blazing from smart forjeremy's behind.

The price tag for this haute car-ture? Nobody knows just yet. But given its status as a limited edition, smart buyers will likely pay a pretty penny more forjeremy.

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