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Rite Aid
cityhawk9 rated
They get it Semi- Rite

Well-stocked? Yes. Friendly employees? Sure.Nevertheless, there are a few things one can count on consistently at this place that make one's visit a bit of an ordeal. 1. I doubt I have ever approached the entrance without being accosted by an (allegedly) homeless person all but blocking the doorway.They have inexplicably, but perhaps understandably, adopted a drug store as their favorite hangout. Be ye not deceived: there is a fairly large Board and Care doors nearby on Western, so these folks get 3 meals a day and a little "personal spending" dough. That's not what their after; it's more likely beer change they are wringing your guilt for. Some of them should join SAG, such are their skills. Do notice a liquor store sits prominently across the street, so there's the real attraction. 2. Lines at the register.The cashiers are friendly folk with more patience than Job apparently, for it never fails: someone ALWAYS haggles over a coupon, or disputes a price, or must return something as though this habitually gives their life Meaning. Meanwhile, those in line wait... and wait.Take a book... perhaps "War and Peace" would do. 3. Prices of certain items have risen precipitously in but a few years. Does one really wish to spend 9 dollars on laundry detergent?! Even their own brand, once a good deal, has gone way up. Vitamins? Forget it. You could buy an I-Pod instead, just eat more veggies.Nevertheless, the store does try, and they consistently play rather groovy music to shop by. One can whisk about the place singing along to the 5th Dimension or Bee Gees while buying floss. P.S. Apply for the "Wellness Card" if you plan to become a regular. Happy Shopping.

R & B Beauty Supply
pinkopaque rated
gotta love 'em!

i happened to be downtown in the wholesale district of los angeles and on my way home i seredipitously stumbled across this large treasure trove of all things a woman/metrosexual/drag queen could ever want (lol, just refering to their large selection because they obviously cater to a wide array of customers). from professional quality products to a wide array of 95 cent nail polish (!!!!!) i went a little overboard. if you're ever in the area you HAVE to check them out. although the area is a touch sketchy from what i'm used to (i was probably one of the only caucasian people there at the time other than one of the very helpful/knowledgable staff who helped me pick out the correct products for my hair type) they do a great job of addressing everyone's specific needs. i often am tempted to try these discount places because of how pushy the sales staff could be, but the young hipster yet professional vibe really made me feel at home. i will definitely visit again when i'm in the area... well at least as soon as i use up all of these 15 bottles of yummy 95 cent nail polish and other beauty accoutrements i purchased their at rock bottom(!) prices. i will definitely be back. to be honest, the slection, customer service, and decor really made me feel at if i was in some high end beauty boutique in santa monica. one down side is the parking situation. i happened to find a parking space when i pulled in, and ended up getting stuck in the parking lot for an additional 5 minutes in mycar honking because someone was double parked behind me. otherwise A+++++ to b&a!

Quincy and dino and syedus N. rated

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