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Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital

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Regular Hours

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  • CT Scan
  • Rehabilitation Services/Outpatient
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Intensive Care/Neonatal
  • Chemotherapy
  • Neuro-Surgical Services
  • Diagnostic Radiology Services
  • Spine Surgery
  • Blood Bank
  • Wound Care/IP
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Outpatient Services-InHouse
  • Acute Care
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Dietary Services
  • Respiratory/Pulmonary Svcs
  • Joint Replacement
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Physical Therapy
  • Gastroenterology
  • Optometric Services
  • Obstetrical Services
  • Intensive Care/Surgery
  • Cardiology/Non-Invasive
  • Social Services
  • Medical/Surgical
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Rehabilitation Services/CARF
  • Emergency Services
  • MRI (Magnetic Res Imaging)
  • Operating Rooms
  • Angioplasty
  • Post-Op Recovery Room Services
  • Clinical Laboratory Services
  • Audiology Services
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Speech Pathology Services
  • Ultrasound
  • Reconstructive/Plastic Surg
  • Ophthalmologic Services
  • Open Heart Surgery
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Cardiac Catheterization Lab
  • Electrophysiology
  • EGD Procedure
  • Diagnostic Radioisotope
  • Inpatient Surgery Services
  • Neonatal Nursery Services
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Anesthesia Services
  • Intensive Care/General
  • Hemodialysis (Dialysis)
  • Outpatient Surgery
  • Arthroscopy
  • Coronary Interventions
  • Cyberknife

Nonprofit Hospital

Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Medical Centers, Emergency Care Facilities, Clinics
Other Information:

Best Practices followed: Electonic Lab Results, Safe Surgery Checklist In Use

Inpatient Services: Cardiac Surgery, Nursing Care

Outpatient Services: Eye Surgery, Skin, Gastrointestinal, Nervous System, Cardiovascular, Musculoskeletal

Hospital Ownership: Voluntary Non-Profit - Religious

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Provided by Citysearch - 
Wonderful experience

I had 3 visits to this hospital. The first time was when I got diagnosed with pneumonia. 11PM on a Saturday... expected to see every ""Tom, Dick, and Harry"" there from a long night. Instead, there were 2 other people there and I went back to the back within about 10 minutes. The doctor looked at me and it was diagnosed as pneumonia.

I didn't listen to the doc and waited to follow up with my PCP and ended up having to return and was admitted... spent two weeks and it was more pleasurable than anything I could have imagined for a hospital experience (except it would have been nice to have some DirecTV... work on that TMH- you know you want it). 14 days of wonderful care.

The only downer of an experience was when my wife had some issues with her asthma and they didn't have a bed for her to spend the night, so we had to get transferred up to Tomball.

I don't know what these negative reports are from, but it wasn't anywhere near the experience I had.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Emergency room care

Wish I would have read these reviews before taking my son there yesterday but unfortunately when you have a ""respected hospital"" in your back yard you expect to get above average medical care especially during an emergency. My son cut himself pretty badly with a kitchen knife so we rushed him to the emergency room with a blood soaked towel wrapped around his hand at 1 o'clock. When we got there they took the towel off and wrapped it with an ace, without even looking at the injury. Put in a room and of course the obligatory ER wait even if blood is pouring out of your hand. Sorry to be long with this review but I want to make sure no one goes through what they put my son through. Wanted to do an xray but couldn't because blood was pouring our of his hand. Then they thought he cut the artery in the palm, called a hand specialist but didn't request one to come see him. They told us that he needed to be transported to Mem Hermann downtown for possible microsurgery, this without any confirmation from a hand specialist that he acutally cut the artery. At 5 fifteen an ambulance came to transfer him, this is in the middle of rush hour traffic. Arrived at Mem Hermann at 6 thirty five and was put in the ER, remember this is one of the busiest ones in the city. We were told at Methodist that he was going to be put in a room when he got to Mem Hermann and a hand specialist was going to look at him, why that didn't happen at Methodist, I don't know.
My son had to wait in that ER until 9 forty five before he was looked at by a doctor and all they did was clean the wound, irrigate it and close it with 4 stitches. He was released at 10 thirty, that's nine and a half hours to get 4 stitches to close his wound because of the incompetence of the ER staff and not doing the right thing. I found out that Mem Hermann at Memorial City had the microsurgery capabilities, 20 minutes away but of cours we were not given the option of taking him there. Pass up that ER even if you're bleeding to death, I know I will. I am pursuing further complaints against them, what happened was unacceptable to me. Too bad there isn't minus 5 star rating. Unbelievable!!!!



Provided by Citysearch - 
Go somewhere else if you can

I went with a cut on my finger that I could not get to stop bleeding. The doctor was amiable and decided to dermabond it instead of stitching it, even if the blood was obviously pushing against the glue. I asked if the dermabond would hold back the blood and he said yes. In a matter of hours, the blood burst through and the dermabond did not work. A call to the ER told said I could come back. Really? At no charge since you didn't fix it the first time? No, of course not. I never had a problem with stitches and it is annoying that they did not take that route in the first place and now I have to pay again to get it done. This place used to be good years ago, now I wouldn't go back.



Provided by Citysearch - 
No one seems to care - to busy talking to each other

I also got the feeling that most all the staff did not care about the patients or any one else on the premises for
that matter. I saw a bunch of talking and laughing between employees while ignoring basic request of the visitors (patients and others).
I stood at a door for 30 sec do get let in. The staff was just talking away (personal stuff - not job related) , and one of them was actually facing me. This level of treatment went on for the entire two day stay in the hospital. They just don't seem to understand the customer appreciation. Someone needs to tell them that the customers pay their bills. I just shake my head.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Staff doesn't care

I have frequent lab work and although all my doctors are at Methodist Medical Center the Willowbrook location is more convenient for lab work. This morning registration could not find my faxed orders, after looking for less than a minute, I was told to take a seat and she would look for them, obviously when she finished with the line behind me. I prepay everything because I do not have insurance. The usual is having to wait again while they decide what to charge me and the cost is always different for the same tests. A few months ago my doctor called to tell me they ran all the wrong tests, I had to return to Willowbrook and although it was their mistake I had to pay again or they wouldn't run the tests. I have to find another place to have blood drawn, this place is ridiculous. Methodist Willowbrook gets an F- while Methodist Medical Center gets an A+.


i was taken by ambulance to Me...

i was taken by ambulance to Methodist Willowbrook because they would take me only to the nearest hospital. My leg was swollen and cherry pink. The eventual diagnosis was cellulitis--a skin infection that can throw embolisms and cause fatal sepsis. Almost all of the experience was a harrowing experience. Examples:

--I suffer severe chronic pain treated by a path medication. The doctors didn't want me to use it. They promised me that equivalent pain relief would be provided. In the ER it was supplied once. In a hospital room I waited up to 1.5 hours for medication that was--at the most--barely adequate and--all too often--didn't take the edge off the pain.

--I was to receive a spinal tap. it took over 6 hours before the procedure was done. It was was so painful I was screaming. The folks administering the test were baffled why I had not been brought much earlier. They'd been expecting me for hours.

--The hospital treated my diabetes using a protocol that's been out of date for at least a dozen years. Using my up to date protocol my blood sugar levels are like a person without diabetes. Prior to that my levels had been significantly above ADA accepted levels.

--At admission I provided a printout of the medications I take, the dosage and when it was to be taken. In the 5 days in the hospital, the hospital never provided me all of the medications my doctors have prescribed for me. I offered to use my own from home under their direction--offer refused.

--Medications were added that conflicted with medications I take.

--I was asked to provide a medication I always take. It wasn't returned to me at time of discharge.

--A head administrative nurse--after one of the disasters--said she would check up on me every half hour. I never saw her again.

--Communication was poor even for their own staff. A doctor scheduled a procedure I was leery of and wanted to consult my primary care doctor. Years ago I'd undergone this procedure. It took months for me to recover from the pain it caused--I was leery of doing it again. I told nursing staff the night prior I wouldn't be signing off on the procedure. The doctor wasn't notified and came storming into my room asking me where I'd been. He'd been waiting for me. I'd expressed to him my hesitation when he'd told me his plan. He wanted to do angio exploration of one part of my body. A second doctor wanted to do the same exploration--but of another part of my body. The first doctor rather haughtily refused do share a procedure with another doctor, while the second doctor understood my concern and was open to a joint venture.

I will have to salute a social worker and 2 Rn's.

I believe the floor staff were drastically understaffed.

This is only a sample of the poor treatment I received.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Staff with No Compassion or Concern

My husband took my mother-in-law to this hospital for pain in her lower abdomen. She was running a fever and throwing up in the emergency room. The hopsital did take her INSURANCE information so they could get paid and her temp and blood pressure and told her to wait. She was in extreme pain and wanted to lay down as she was hurting all over. The staff seemed unconcerned and told her that there was no beds available. She continued to sit there for over 3 hours in so much pain and no one ever came to look at the area that was hurting. The staff was talking about buying concert tickets and on their cell phones in the ER while the ER phone was ringing. My husband told the staff that the pain had moved up to her chest, and still nothing was done. My mother-in-law could not longer sit because the pain was going up her back and went home without being seen by a doctor. The next morning she was in so much pain she could not walk, and she had spot on her lower stomach that had turned BLACK and was spreading down her lower regions of her body. Her fever was 101.6 and she did not look well at all. She called her doctor and he told her to go to the nearest ER and have SURGERY right away. My husband took her to North Cypress and they got her right in. She had an abcess that looked like a brown recluse spider bite and after surgery they Dr. said he took out 3 softball size pieces of tissue from her abdomen. He said the infection had spread all the way to her muscle!!! He said had she waited any longer that things could have been severly worse. I cannot imagine what would of happened if we would of just WAITED on Methodist to look at her. Please do not take your family to this hospital. They are incompetent and have no compassion at all. I will be making a complaint to whom ever and where ever I can so this does not happen to anyones else. We were all scared for her and had Methodist actually LOOKED at her they would have seen what was wrong and she could have taken care of the pain sooner.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Misdiagnosis and Dismissive Treatment by Entire Staff

I took a loved one to the ER at Methodist Willowbrook twice (due to the vicinity and the Methodist name).

TAKE HEED: This is NOT the same Methodist Hospital (quality, courteousness, attentiveness, and competency) that you get in the Texas Medical Center. From the clerk that checks you into the ER to the nurses in triage...a lack of compassion for the patient despite the patient's expressed physical pain and worries. The triage staff is very unsympathetic and seem to not enjoy their work.

I would have been able to let all of that go, except for the fact that I have just left the Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center this morning realizing that the Willowbrook Methodist dismissively misdiagnosed a life threatening condition yesterday.

The Willowbrook Methodist sent my loved one home yesterday with a prescription for an antibiotic and told her she simply had ""a bug"". They did this, despite my loved one's suggestion to the attending doctor that it could be something more severe due to the unusual and acute pain she suffered from. The doctor at Willowbrook Methodist ruled out anything more serious in a very dismissive manner.

Fortunately, my loved one knew others in the medical field whom she consulted with after leaving Methodist Willowbrook because she continued to experience the unusual and excruciating pain.

Hours later after she could bear her pain no longer and at the strong urging of her medical friends, she made the decision to get a second examination at the Texas Medical Center's Methodist Hospital. After a much kinder (and quicker) ER registration, gracious and attentive evaluations from caring nurses (and interns), my loved one was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix.

Yesterday, had Methodist Willowbrook actually listened to her and took the effort to properly examine her, she would not have suffered as terribly as she did. They allowed her to go home thinking that she had a normal infection when she had a condition that she could have died from if left untreated!

From here on, I will take the longer drive to the Texas Medical Center...I am now very suspicious of these outer lying, ""Mc Methodist Hospitals"" in the suburbs. Unfortunately, it appears that from the top down, they significantly fail to meet the excellent standards I had come to expect and trust from the Methodist name.

I have a strong feeling that the staff at this Willowbrook Methodist location simply arrive each day to receive their paychecks, whereas their amazing counterparts at Methodist in the Texas Medical Center appear to be sharp, passionate about their work, and respectful to every human being that checks into their hospital.

Again, I hope my experience can make the difference for someone else. My loved one did not die from the misdiagnosis, though she suffered unnecessarily and tremendously from the pain of an undiagnosed ruptured appendix. In fact, I am packing some of her personal belongings now and getting ready to visit her since she is now post-op. The ""real"" Methodist successfully operated on her early this morning.

I do not want something much worse to occur to someone else in the future.

And, if there are others out there with similar stories, write letters to the medical board, the attorney general, and, if, in your case, there was an injury or suffering due to the lack of proper care, explore your legal options. Doctors, nurses, and any hospital staff are there to serve you--the profession is supposed to be ""a calling"". It appears that the staff at Methodist Willowbrook have forgotten this and instead treat you as if you were their burden.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Horrible treatment

I was called by Rosa from the billing office and was told due to an outstanding balance they will not allow my medically necessary surgery to take place. She said I will have to pay $2000 upfront before my surgery can take place. She refused to set me up on a payment plan. We are in a flippin recession and people can barely buy groceries let alone drop $2k for something out of their control. This is cruel and horrible treatement.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Bad business

My mother on her visit from England got sick and had to go to the hospital, she had travel medical insurance and I was suprised this was the first time they had encountered this. They had no way to verify insurance not even having a long distance line. We made all the necessary calls and faxed off the paper work for them.

This was my second visit the first was my grandaughter was sick late at night. The place was full of people drunk or on drugs.

I think people with insurance should be taken care of first. We left after about 4 hours as my grandaughter finally went to sleep and took her to The Woodlands in the morning.

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Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital

18220 State Hwy. 249HoustonTX 77070

(281) 477-1000

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Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital

18220 State Hwy. 249HoustonTX 77070

(281) 477-1000

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