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U.S. Virgin Islands National Park

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The Wonder

Caribbean paradise with white sands, coral reefs and crystal-clear blue waters. Some of the world's most beautiful beaches.

The Adventures

Snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, hiking, camping, beaches, coral reefs, tropical forests, historic sugar mills

One for the Bucket List

Snorkel the underwater trail in Trunk Bay, a beautiful sanctuary for the newly flippered. Submerged plaques and signs line the 200-yard trail through the reefs of the bay and provide descriptions of the corals and many of the bay's fish. The waters are rather shallow and swimmable, and lifeguards are on duty daily.

Seasons and Hours

The park's visitor center in Cruz Bay is open year-round, 8AM-4:30PM. Trunk Bay's bathhouse, snack bar, shop and gear rentals close at 4PM daily.

When making plans to visit the Virgin Islands, take into consideration hurricane season runs from June to November. The general peak season for visitors lasts from December through April.

Getting There

The U.S. Virgin Islands are only about a 2-1/2-hour flight from Miami, and a just quick hop from Puerto Rico. The park covers more than half the island of St. John, with thousands of additional submerged acres offshore. You can rent vehicles on the island, but note islanders drive on the opposite side of the road here. There also are plenty of safari taxis and tour operators available.

Average Temps (ºF) High/Low

January: 83/72
April: 85/73
July: 87/76
October: 88/75
Year-Round Water Temps: 83/79

Approximate Flight Time From...

San Juan, PR - 1/2 hour
Miami, FL - 2 1/2 hours
Dallas, TX - 5 1/2 hours
Chicago, IL - 5 1/2 hours
Boston, MA - 6 hours
Seattle, WA - 9 hours

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Explore the Bewilderness

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Let Your Adventure Begin

Fill Your Bucket List With Bewilderness

America the beautiful. You got that right. From the skytops of the world's tallest trees to the underwater color-play of tropical reefs, the National Park Service (NPS) oversees hundreds of parks and areas to conserve many of our country's most precious natural wonders and living treasures.

Otherworldly landscapes. Thriving wildlife. Hidden, wicked-cool marvels of time and nature. Humbling, sweeping views that are not just breathtaking but truly breath-giving, so inspiring you might find them. Whether you're a mobile-mad workaholic, family trooper or just a mid-life meditator, we hope you have time to enjoy it all.

Affordable Adventure

Fewer than half of the national parks charge entrance fees, which usually range from $5 to $25 (often just per vehicle). Children 16 and under are always admitted for free. Daily fees for camping usually range between $10 and $20 per party.

The NPS offers annual America the Beautiful Passes that cover entrance fees at any national park.

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