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Everglades National Park

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The Wonder

Subtropical marsh and coastal prairie as far as the eye can see. Endless sawgrass, mangroves and waterways. A natural bird sanctuary.

The Adventures

Boat tours, tram tours, canoeing, kayaking, boating, camping, fishing, hiking, ranger programs, eco tours, birdwatching.

One for the Bucket List

Although many might imagine skiffing across the grassy waters in an airboat as the quintessential 'Glades adventure, the greater beauty of the park is much more hidden. Canoe to Hell's Bay and camp overnight on a backcountry chickee (a covered platform over open water) for a subtropical journey in nature few ever see.

Canoeing along the Hell's Bay trail through the mangrove swamp reveals a maze of somewhwat monstrous trees, countless pools, scattered islands and haphazard creeks. Wander off the PVC-pipe-marked trail, and you might need a nautical chart or GPS device handy to find your way back -- so intricate is the marshy labyrinth. Paddle past egrets, red mangroves, draping bromeliads and the occasional gator on the 5.5 mile trail, and expect a good six hours to make your way, unless you stop for little ditties sung by banjo-plucking frogs.

Note: "Reservations for backcountry chickees are not available. You must register and receive a backcountry camping permit at either the Gulf Coast or Flamingo area of the park no more than 24 hours in advance." Lower water levels might make the trail impassable from late February through May.

Seasons and Hours

The park is open all year long, but some of the park's entrances are open only 9am-5pm, depending on the time of year or flooding conditions. The Gulf Coast entrance south off the Tamiami Trail/US 41 and Route 29 is open 24 hours.

During the park's wet season, which occurs in summer, many of the park's tours and facilities may have restricted hours due to weather or flooding.

Getting There

Although you can access the Everglades in many areas in South Florida, only one fifth of the entire Everglades ecosystem falls with the national park's boundaries. The main entrance to the park is six miles west of Homestead, FL.

Average Temps (ºF) High/Low

January - 77/56
April - 84/63
July - 90/73
October - 86/69

Approximate Distance From...

Biscayne Bay National Park - 12 miles
Miami, FL - 35 miles
Dry Tortugas National Park - 135 miles
Orlando, FL - 270 miles

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Let Your Adventure Begin

Fill Your Bucket List With Bewilderness

America the beautiful. You got that right. From the skytops of the world's tallest trees to the underwater color-play of tropical reefs, the National Park Service (NPS) oversees hundreds of parks and areas to conserve many of our country's most precious natural wonders and living treasures.

Otherworldly landscapes. Thriving wildlife. Hidden, wicked-cool marvels of time and nature. Humbling, sweeping views that are not just breathtaking but truly breath-giving, so inspiring you might find them. Whether you're a mobile-mad workaholic, family trooper or just a mid-life meditator, we hope you have time to enjoy it all.

Affordable Adventure

Fewer than half of the national parks charge entrance fees, which usually range from $5 to $25 (often just per vehicle). Children 16 and under are always admitted for free. Daily fees for camping usually range between $10 and $20 per party.

The NPS offers annual America the Beautiful Passes that cover entrance fees at any national park.

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