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Dunton Hot Springs
Dolores, CO - Rooms & Rates

Once a mining town, then a ghost town, now a resort, Dunton Hot Springs seems like a mirage of the Old West against the open mountainscape. An enclave of fully restored cabins, like the Major Ross Cabin (pictured), still show off their logger bones from when they were built in the mid-1800s. Wood-burning stoves, bathrooms with showers and, yes, wi-fi round out the refreshed comforts to remind you the clock wasn't completely turned back, thankfully. Rates include all meals and beverages for proper cabin cocooning.

Get Your Cozy On This Autumn

  • By Justin McKinley

    Dear not-so intrepid travelers, if your escape into nature requires four walls and the option of indoor plumbing, we rustled up some mountainous spots and wilder-nests worth maintaining that physical and psychological barrier between you and the wild. Get your cozy on during autumn and winter, from Jack Frosted cabins deep in the woods to family-style cocoons on the homestead. Some rustic and charming, some posh and romantic, and some just definitively snozy*.

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