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Meet the Moms

  • By Leah Lerner

    In honor of mothers everywhere, we shine the spotlight on a group of strong, independent moms who own their own businesses. Each of these amazing people share their personal experiences and advice for others on how to juggle career, family and being your own boss.

    From booming baby food to green initiatives, to mobile salons and maternity moguls, great ideas and perseverance have paid off for these passionate business women.

    In spring 2011, we had the pleasure of interviewing these bold entrepreneurs. We hope to reconnect with them and update you soon. Read on and be inspired.

Heather Allard - Mogul Mom

Heather Allard »
Founder of The Mogul Mom online community

Cinnamon Bowser - Nail Taxi

Cinnamon Bowser »
Founder of the Nail Taxi mobile salons

Robin Chase - ZipCar

Robin Chase »
Co-founder of ZipCar and

Amy Eilert - Cupcake Envy

Amy Eilert »
Founder of Cupcake Envy custom-designed cakelets

Beth Feldman - Role Mommy

Beth Feldman »
Founder of Role Mommy and Project You magazine

Heather Allard - Mogul Mom

Jeanne Fitzmaurice »
Founder of Design-her Gals and Gal to Gal Foundation

Liz Lange - Liz Lange Maternity

Liz Lange »
Founder, Creative Director of Liz Lange Maternity

Shawne Morgan - It's Yours

Shawne Morgan »
Founder of It's Yours! hair products

Latham Thomas - Tender Shoots

Latham Thomas »
Founder, CEO of Tender Shoots Wellness

Shazi Visram - HAPPYBABY Products

Shazi Visram »
Founder of HAPPYBABY food products

Sheila Wright - Talkatoo

Sheila Wright »
Owner, CEO of Talkatoo message charms

Starting Your Own Business?

Starting Your Own Business?
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