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Redding, CT

A Cave for True Audiophiles

Not many man caves have been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records, but Jeremy Kipnis' has. At his home in Redding, Connecticut, he's set up a $6 million home theater that feeds his great love of movies and music. It also feeds his business -- Kipnis Studios -- which builds ultimate home theaters for people like you and me. What's in it? Oh, merely an 18-foot screen, a Sony ultra-high-resolution digital cinema projector, 37 speakers, 35 amplifiers and bone-shattering 8.8-channel surround sound.

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So, What Is a Man Cave Really?

By Gregg Rosenzweig

Take a look inside a man's man cave -- and prepare to catch a glimpse into his soul. Whether it's a home theater heaven, a paradise for poker playing or safe haven for his kegerator, the man cave is a place where a guy can be exactly who he is.

The man cave is a necessity -- a healthy outlet that keeps him from zipping off to Vegas to re-enact various scenes from 'The Hangover.' It's a much-needed timeout from the demands of work, family and fantasy football. Most importantly, the man cave is a reward for the 24/7 challenges of being a man, which can get tiring given all that heavy lifting and meticulous manscaping.

Finally, the man cave is a gift. From our wives, ourselves and the universe, which luckily says to us from time-to-time, "Okay, now you can play." And doesn't every guy want to hear that?

The answer is simply: Yes.

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