(1 of 10)Volvo's Pedestrian Detection System

Between texting, arguing with your navigation system and toggling between iPod tracks, this is the era of driving distractions. Volvo, the brand who will be inextricably linked to safety (whether they like it or not), knows that. That's why they've introduced the Pedestrian Detection System to models like the S60 sedan. This super-intuitive system can detect a pedestrian in front of the car and warn the driver if that person's about to walk into its path. If the driver fails to respond in time, it automatically activates the car's brake using a radar unit in the front grille and a camera affixed to the rear-view mirror. Pretty dope, right?

Auto Innovation Comes Standard

By Gregg Rosenzweig

As we bide our time waiting for the first fully-automated talking car to sweep us off our feet, literally, it's worth recognizing that today's car manufacturers are working high-tech wonders to get -- and keep -- our attention with regards to automotive innovation.

Be it the giants of the field (BMW) or the up-and-comers (Fiat), the smaller our cars seem to get, the bigger our imaginations become. From blind spot warning systems to massaging seats to automatic parallel parking, countless crazy cool car features are currently being introduced to the masses, making the everyday driving experience safer and more superb.

Unfortunately, we had to whittle the field down from "countless" to 10. So take a ride through our virtual showroom to see how and where the tech of tomorrow is making the biggest impact on us ... today.

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