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A Flexible Car in All Its Forms

The GINA car concept turns the idea of a typical car exterior on its head. This shape-shifting super-car (currently in the BMW Museum in Munich) is an acronym derived from the phrase "Geometry Infinite Adapatation" (GINA) and has a textile skin that takes about two hours to wrap around the car. Based on the car's various configurations, it folds, stretches and buckles to offer up a flexibility rarely (if ever) found on an automobile. Just hope it doesn't hit a snag.

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What Is a Concept Car?

  • By Gregg Rosenzweig

    From highly stylized "supercars" to mega-practical green machines, concept cars have a way of blasting across every dusty avenue of our imagination. They remind us that not only is it okay to dream ... but essential, if we want to keep moving forward.

    Be it the tiny smart for-us "pick-up" or the super-sexy 'Mission: Impossible' star, BMW i8, concept car dreams take shape in many beautiful forms. With every auto show that passes, each new dream gets unveiled to the world, raising the bar from the one before it, serving to inspire those who design cars for us all.

    Though some of these concepts won't ever make it into production, they captivate our hopes and aspirations for the type of car we'd like to one day be seen in.

    After all, we can dream as well...