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One of the Most Romantic Spots in LA

Where to Do It: If you're one of those guys who fancies themself a romantic and watches 'The Bachelorette' just to kill time, Swan Lake at the newly revived Hotel Bel-Air is an ideal backdrop for your knee-drop. Set amid 12 lush garden acres, this private oasis is an idyllic fairy tale that can be easily customized with rose petals, champagne or harpist -- with a quick call to the concierge. Best part: You won't need to release doves. The swans are right there.

Why She'll Say Yes: Between the seductive setting, seclusion and swans, this should surpass anything she could possibly envision.

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Marilyn Oliveira
Executive Editor of Inside Weddings

By Gregg Rosenzweig

There are roughly 2.5 million weddings a year in the United States and they all have one thing in common: the proposal. One person (likely the guy) wielding a very expensive rock and the hope that a 'yes' will come flying from the woman's lips.

But what does a man need to know before asking such a question? Marilyn Oliveira, Executive Editor of Inside Weddings, generously bestows some expert advice on what guys should -- and shouldn't -- do before popping the big Q.

1. What does a guy need to know when it comes to popping the question?
Marilyn Oliveira Marilyn: He should know that the engagement ring will be worn every day for the rest of her life and be passed down to future generations -- so he should invest accordingly. That most men still ask the bride's father for his blessing in advance; that he will probably be very nervous even if he's sure she will say yes; and that kneeling will never, ever go out of style.

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