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Winter gardens, though less colorful, are equally beautiful in their hardy, serene way. Missouri Botanical Garden capitalizes on its blustery winters with a hedge maze that looks as pretty as a sugar-dusted puzzle, leading up to a vine-entwined gazebo. Labyrinths are beautiful year-round, ideal for a well-manicured look in colder climates.

Details & Ideas: Bushes and shrubs are best for making hedges, even small trees if you want particularly high ones for mysterious mazes. The three most common hedge plants are privet, yew and boxwood. Yew and boxwood are both evergreen shrubs (yew yields small red flowers). Privet's dark oval leaves and sweet-sniffing white flowers are lovely, but its toxic nature makes it a poor choice for young children or animals. Other options include hollies, cypress and mountain laurel.

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