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Benches surround a rock fountain in the courtyard.

Lose the Lawn, Invite the People

The absence of a front lawn minimizes water waste, while a garden seating area that faces the community keeps it inviting -- just one of the new ways of thinking about building.

Bob Kleiman of Structure Home, which built VISION House: "We didn't want the house to be this wall with a front door and you maybe get in. It [the front-facing office/bedroom] can certainly be closed off and made private with window coverings. But it also has a space where the community can come and say hello."

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The Future Is Smart

  • By Leah Lerner

    Everyone wants to go green it seems, especially in the home space. But the future of home building goes beyond green. The future lies in "smart" homes based on a holistic view of how we live: intelligent systems that measure and maximize the structure's performance, seamless indoor-outdoor spaces respectful of the indigenous environment, plus durability, energy efficiency, water efficiency and air/water quality.

    Enter VISION homes, a series of cutting-edge projects conceived by GreenBuilder magazine that aim to set the standard for tomorrow. In June 2012, the first west coast VISION House went on the market in Pacific Palisades, Calif. YP took a tour with developer Robert Kleiman of Structure Home. Take a spin for yourself and let the daydreams fly -- even if you don't have a spare $3.5 million.

    Inside the Mind of the Builder
    For more info, read our interview with Bob Kleiman, co-founder of Structure Home. Get his take on the new way to build, and how to futurize your home.

    Read the interview with builder Bob Kleiman
    Structure Home website
    VISION House website

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