(5 of 5)Tumbleweed Tiny Homes

Turn your shed into a hideaway haven with a mini home, perfect for guests or your own peace and quiet. Jay Shafer, author of "The Small House Book" and owner of Tumbleweed Mini Homes has made a career out of downsizing. Choose from 16 diminutive plans designed for max efficiency and sustainability. The tiniest houses range from 65-140 square feet but can go on up to 4 bedrooms.

Price: Plans start at $399. Finished homes range from $16,000-$59,000.

Grown-Ups Need Cool Forts, Too

  • By Leah Lerner

    Everybody deserves to get away. But not necessarily from your house. Sometimes you just need a change of scene. That's where these adult playhouses come in. Tricked-out trailers that can be guest room or man cave. Outdoor rooms that let you drink in the night sky without freezing your petunias off. Unique takes on homes away from home that can fit into your own back yard.

    Feel your muscles and mind release as you take a spin through these alternative living spaces that mix convenience and comfort with nature.

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