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Q&A with Extreme Pumpkin Guru, Tom Nardone:

What inspired you to start carving "extreme pumpkins"?

When I was a bachelor, I bought my own house just outside the city limits of Detroit, in the first "safe" neighborhood. On Halloween, Detroiters would shuttle their kids to my neighborhood to trick or treat. The neighbors told me to expect over 100 kids, but I didn't have any Halloween decorations. I decided to carve some crazy pumpkins to scare away the kids. That way I'd get to eat all of the candy. It didn't work and I became known for crazy pumpkins. Then I made a website.

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Carve Up Some Fun with Tom Nardone

    By Gregg Rosenzweig

    When it comes to art, some simply need a blank canvas, a paint brush and vision. Others ... a drywall knife, an ice-cream scoop and a jigsaw. We'll explain.

    Meet Tom Nardone, founder of ExtremePumpkins and Michigan-based author of three books involving Halloween and the art of pumpkin carving. He's done it all. From viral sensations such as the Puking Pumpkin to clever creations such as the 40-Foot Sea Serpent -- a commissioned masterpiece that someone paid $2K for at a silent auction. Bottom line: He knows the in-and-outs of a pumpkin in a way few do.

    Here are some of Extreme Pumpkins' greatest hits. Some are funny, others shocking and a few, gross. Get inspired. Who knows, maybe your Mona Lisa awaits...

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