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The Dish: Heirloom beet salad with apple gelee, horseradish and Ossetra caviar

Tru Story: Offering a progressive French menu that has garnered Tru a semifinalist nom for "Outstanding Restaurant" from James Beard, executive chef and partner Anthony Martin cooks up a bold blend of dishes on three seasonal tasting menus. This fruity twist on a vegetable (some people abhor) is just one of many standouts on the menu. The caviar adds extra foofy to the fabulousness.

Other Veggies on the Menu: A sweet potato soup with ginger marshmallow cream and a rhubarb with strawberry and goat yogurt.

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The Artistry of Vegetable Perfection

By Gregg Rosenzweig

Vegetables. As kids, we hid them under anything we could. As adults, we eat them begrudgingly and only in the name of living 'til 90 as we lower our blood pressure, cholesterol and calorie counts. Unfortunately, this can also cause happiness levels to plummet drastically.

But it doesn't have to be so. In the age of vegan and vegetarianism, some of the country's finest chefs have put their puffy toques to work on changing vegetables' bad rap. The result? Some of the most inspired veggie dishes our country has seen yet. Have a taste. You may be surprised by what you'll find...

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