Welcome to Food Truck Nation

  • By Gregg Rosenzweig

    In 2008, the desire for cheap (read=recession friendly), convenient, crazy good food created the perfect storm that, thanks to Twitter, birthed a new trend.

    Enter food trucks. Aka str-eat food. Mobile eats. Call them what you will, but they have redefined the lunch landscape across the U.S. over the past few years.

    From global cuisine to fusion fare to ungodly desserts, food trucks started as a renegade idea, but now have seasoned chefs joining the fray. The result? A new truck appears every day with a clever name, concept and enticing execution.

    So behold these magnificent magnets that can change any street corner from blah to the place to be. Here are the trucks that foodies will follow anywhere...

Trend Alert: Street Food Events

  • You may have your favorite, but given that these trucks roam, it's hard to taste every single one. Until now. Food truck festivals and tasting events have started popping up in cities where these mobile eateries proliferate. In empty parking lots, stadiums and open fields, where people can bounce around truck to truck, throwing down as much good food as they can squeeze in their belly.

    Here are some of the more popular ones happening annually:

    LA Street Food Fest - July, 2012 - Pasadena, CA

    Charles River Food Truck Festival - July, 2012 - Brighton, MA

    Inland Empire Food Truck Fest - October, 2012 - Ontario, CA

    Santa Anita Food Truck Festival - January, 2013 - Arcadia, CA

    Willamette Week's Eat Mobile - April, 2013 - Portland, OR

    TX Food Truck Fest - May, 2013 - Dallas, TX

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