(10 of 10)The Dining Dog
Edmonds, WA

Refined chow for the pooch palate.

Tired of the plastic-glove treatment while trailing behind your four-legged friend? Then try some white-glove treatment at this first-class establishment in Edmonds, Washington, where your furry friend can dine like Giggy Vanderpump III. On the menu? Delights such as appetizers, entrees, doggie cocktails and even creamy cupcakes. They even have birthday cakes, so you can usher in seven more magical years. It may cost a little more than Alpo, but hey, it beats eating scraps off the floor.

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What Makes a Place... Extraordinary?

  • By Gregg Rosenzweig

    Whether it's dining in a pitch-black restaurant or eating sushi off a naked model, some of our country's world-renowned eateries have concocted extraordinary experiences that satisfy all strains of epicuriosity.

    One need only watch a show on Food Network to know how difficult it is to run a restaurant, so it's understandable why 'concept' often comes in a distant second to quality cuisine in terms of priorities.

    So let's applaud those who have taken great strides to 'wow' people with some ingredient that is either unique, original or truly unusual. Without further adieu, here are 10 of the most impressive... and extraordinary... culinary experiences in the U.S.

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