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Chicago, IL

Edible menus, cigar sandwiches and more.

From innovative elixirs such as champagne strawberry soda to clever cuisine like the Kentucky Fried pasta, moto is a post-modern whirlwind that blew a gust of caloric creativity into the Windy City dining scene. In a kitchen led by Homaro Cantu, a world leader in "molecular gastronomy," moto is part laboratory, part playground where science, art and culinary ambition collide. Think we're joking? At this inspired incubation center, they use Class IV lasers and liquid nitrogen as cooking utensils. But don't worry -- it's all in skilled hands since "every chef is a waiter and every waiter is a chef."

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What Makes a Place... Extraordinary?

  • By Gregg Rosenzweig

    Whether it's dining in a pitch-black restaurant or eating sushi off a naked model, some of our country's world-renowned eateries have concocted extraordinary experiences that satisfy all strains of epicuriosity.

    One need only watch a show on Food Network to know how difficult it is to run a restaurant, so it's understandable why 'concept' often comes in a distant second to quality cuisine in terms of priorities.

    So let's applaud those who have taken great strides to 'wow' people with some ingredient that is either unique, original or truly unusual. Without further adieu, here are 10 of the most impressive... and extraordinary... culinary experiences in the U.S.

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