Designer Choc-Tails & Other Unusual Suspects

Leave it to artisan chocolate maker Choclatique -- known for their unique takes on chocolate, spanning wine to gemstones -- to create two new chocolate offerings inspired from unlikely sources. For one, their line of Designer Donuts features chocolates fashioned after favorite flavors from our nation's donut shops (chocolate caramel or jelly donut, anyone?). Then there are their Retro Cocktail offerings, drawing from America's favorite libations to create nibbles like the Rum & Coke (pictured above) -- white rum and cola encased in milk chocolate.

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Gifts for Chocoholics: Our Sweet 16

By Carly Milne & Leah Lerner

Toffee has its aficionados, lollipops its lovers and taffy even has its own set of devotees. But no sweet treat inspires the rabid fandom that chocolate has created. And is it any wonder? With its flavor and versatility, chocolate is one of few confections that can transcend the rules of what it means to be candy.

As such, we'd like to salute this wondrous superfood -- and all those who adore it. Check out our list of 16 fab ways to rejoice in its inventiveness and as you find the tastiest possible gift this Valentine's Day.

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