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Visit a Dinerant: The Original in Portland, Oregon

Aunt Jemima? Meet Toucan Sam...

Or at least that's the rare introduction of breakfast icons you'll get when you order the Fruit Loop Pancakes at The Original, a "Dinerant" in Portland, Oregon. (That's right, it's not a diner...or a restaurant.) Served with maple syrup, seasonal syrup and a honey butter to act as spackle between all the fluffiness, this dish is a thrilling marriage of morning chow that entices late night and morning diners -- while taunting dieticians 'til the day they die.

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First Ballot Breakfast Hall of Famers

  • By Gregg Rosenzweig

    When it comes to the artistry of the American breakfast, creativity is hard to find. You just have to look for it. I did.

    From Fruit Loop Pancakes to Lucky Charm Martinis, these novel takes prove that, in the era of egg-white omelets, indulgence is fine -- so long as it's inspired, illustrious and you know, intermittent. These picks are.

    So put that fruit cup on hold, ditch the Greek yogurt and banish Meuslix...if just for a day. These nine breakfast bad boys are square one superstars.

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