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The Dish: Oreo Zeppoles (essentially deep-fried Oreos) served with a mini vanilla milkshake chaser.

The Story: Rarely is the Oreo itself indulgent enough. That's why LAVO tosses this double-stuffed doozy into the deep fryer as a way to ensure its goodness. As a souped-up cookie, it really has no peer. Well, that is, unless you count their now phased-out Girl Scout Zeppole based on the striped coconut classic, the Girl Scout Samoa (pictured left).

Other Goodies on the Menu: Strawberry shortcake, a chocolate roulade with toasted marshmallow sauce and a warm chocolate bread pudding. Long live the fat gram.

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  • By Gregg Rosenzweig

    When it comes to desserts, indulging in anything less than the best can feel like a waste of time -- and points if that's your thing. Especially when you consider that "desserts" is "stressed" spelled backwards.

    From deep-fried Oreos to a golden $1,000 sundae filled with "karats" and caviar, this gooey gallery delivers a decadent blend of diet-crushing dessert fare.

    So bid adieu to the desserts you thought you knew and open wide. It's time to make every calorie count...

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